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  • Our Obsession with Ingredients

    March 16, 2021 2 min read

    Our Obsession with Ingredients - Rayne Clinical Nutrition

    At Rayne, we believe that the key to your pet's optimal health lies in their diet.

    This belief has led us to be data and ingredient obsessed and is why Rayne works with hand-in-hand with PhD and board-certified animal nutritionists, as well as veterinary specialists to formulate our line of therapeutic diets.  This group, known as the Clinical Advisory Team, guides Rayne's focus on better health outcomes, and designing a range of therapeutic diets made with natural, less-processed ingredients wherever possible.


    Over a Century of Industry Experience

    We inherited this obsession with ingredients from veterinary dermatologists and internists while formulating our novel protein line (used to diagnose and manage adverse food reactions). Pets with these dermatologic and gastrointestinal conditions require pure, digestible ingredients. As importantly, we also understand the significance of having a reliable supply of our novel protein diets to avoid any unnecessary diet transition in patients who are doing well.

    Each of our long-standing suppliers and manufacturing partners shares our obsession and is equally committed to making sure pets have the food they need. They have helped us establish secure and longterm ingredient supply plans to maintain plentiful inventory, meaning that these sensitive pets will continue to receive an uninterrupted supply of their prescribed product. Additionally, our partners have helped us raise industry standards for quality and safety. Our suppliers proudly follow ethical gold standards, such as the Five Freedoms, and our strict quality control processes begin before the raw ingredients enter the manufacturing facilities and continue throughout production.


    Why do we use Natural, Less Processed Ingredients?

    The specific use of fresh, whole food ingredients is vital for two reasons. First, dogs and cats have certain nutrients they need daily to promote their health and improve their longevity. When the nutrients in a diet are provided individually through supplements and additives, the pet misses out on all of the many interactions between the food constituents in whole food. When consuming whole foods, these interactionsare significant and provide superior health benefits.

    Second, the key to preventing chronic inflammation-based disease is to reduce the amount of processing in a pet's diet. Highly-processed diets contain higher levels of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products), and when large amounts are ingested, they contribute to inflammation and tissue destruction. However, our use of whole food ingredients allows us to cut an entire step of high-heat processing out of our manufacturing process and, therefore, out of our diets. By simply choosing a less-processed option, veterinarians and pet owners can proactively use food to treat and prevent chronic conditions.


    The Rayne Nutrition Difference

    These pieces all contribute to the "Rayne Difference" and provide the framework for our entire catalog of whole food diets and treats. Whether you are treating one or multiple medical conditions, maintaining a healthy pet, raising a puppy or kitten, or trying to find a multi-pet option that does a little of everything, Rayne has a diet for that.

    Joey The Dog and Low Fat Kangaroo-MAINT Dry For Dogs
    Happy Rayne customer, Joey, with his Low Fat Kangaroo-MAINT Dry For Dogs