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  • Meet Rayne's Data-Obsessed Pet Lovers.

    Guided By Veterinary Experts to Make the Best Decisions for Pets and Their Health.

    Rayne’s co-founders worked with PhD nutritionists, veterinary specialists, and veterinarians to formulate the diets. To account for the natural variability of fresh, whole food ingredients, they instituted additional testing to ensure a consistent finished product. As the Rayne diets evolved, they established a strict “fixed formula” policy, meaning the common industry practice of adjusting levels of ingredients based on cost would never happen with Rayne products.

    In every decision, John and Dan have been and continue to be guided by veterinary experts to make the best decisions for pets and their health.

    Line drawing of John Phelps. A portrait of a man with glasses and a kind expression, holding a cat.

    CEO and Co-Founder

    When I’m at home with my wife and our children, life revolves around the health and happiness of our two dogs and six cats. When I’m at work that extends to the health and happiness of other people’s pets, and I can relate to them. The entire Rayne team shares that view: we see ourselves in every pet parent we talk to.

    In Rayne’s earlier days I spent a lot of time and energy telling anyone who would listen what we were doing. I’ve since learned a much better way to achieve our goals is to listen and ask questions. That’s what I consider my role to be now: to listen directly, with no filter, to our customers, our business partners, and the veterinarians who work with us.

    At Rayne we put veterinarians and veterinary professionals at the center of our mission. We don’t market or sell our products outside of the veterinary channel, because we believe wellness and healthcare starts in the exam room, not a store. We’re guided by veterinarians, and our mission to help pets live long, healthier lives is personal for each of us.

    John Phelps

    Line drawing of Dan Pitt. A portrait of a man smiling with glasses.

    COO and Co-Founder

    I’m passionate about the purity of our foods, in part because of my experience dealing with my own food allergies as well as those of my pets. That firsthand knowledge is what drives me while working with our production partners to deliver diets that meet exacting specifications.

    Our diets and treats are formulated by veterinary experts, and my role involves ensuring that our production methods meet exacting standards. We hold our veterinary partners’ trust paramount, and maintaining that trust helps protect even the most sensitive pets. 

    At Rayne we believe that nutrition belongs in the hands of the experts: veterinarians. We work with independent veterinary experts who hold us to a higher standard, and that translates to food quality and purity we’re proud of.  

    Dan Pitts

    Rayne's Veterinarians.

    Upon graduation from Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996, Sandy dedicated 5 years to a small animal practice in her hometown of Edmonton. In 2008 Sandy pursued her interest in Veterinary Rehabilitation and became a Certificated Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) in 2009. Sandy has over 12 years of experience in the nutrition industry. She has extensively developed individualized nutritional plans for dogs and cats with unique nutritional requirements and multiple disease conditions.

    Sandy is passionate about providing exceptional patient care and helping pets live longer and healthier lives. She believes that proper and individualized nutritional management can make a significant and positive difference for pets.

    Sandy’s areas of interest include: rehabilitation, weight loss, lower urinary tract disease, and osteoarthritis.

    Research and Development.

    Growing up on a farm in the Midwest, helping animals has always been a big part of my life. Nowadays my path to helping them is a little less direct, but just as important. I’ve overseen pet food product development from formulation to finish bag, assisted with the design/build of manufacturing facilities, and managed the critical path on new animal drug applications with CVM.  My role with Rayne can involve everything from supervising production runs and quality control testing to formula management and package design.

    Rayne presents a unique set of challenges for our strategic production partners to meet, and I enjoy the fact that every day is different even after 15 years in the pet food arena.

    Alaina's passion for animals is unmistakable, even from a young age. This lead her to achieve a B.S. in Animal Science (Pre-Veterinary Science), M.S in Grain Science (Pet Food Processing) and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Grain Science (Companion Animal Nutrition). During this time, she remains active in the pet food industry, with over ten years of experience in custom blending and milling, formulation management, research and development, and food safety.

    Alaina was drawn to Rayne by their passion to feed greatness through nutrition and education, providing unity between companion animals, pet parents, veterinarians, and the pet food industry. She witnessed the significance of preventative care and the impact it it can have on the longevity of our animals during her time working in the Diagnostics Department at a Veterinary College. Alaina believes that precise nutrition should be as unique as your pet that consumes the food, and this can be achieved by working with your veterinarian to build a foundation that includes nutrition to promote longevity. 

    Dr. Anthony DeCarlo was the co-founder and CEO of the RBVH Veterinary Healthcare Network which includes Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, one of the country’s premier privately-owned veterinary hospitals located in Tinton Falls, as well as the RBVH Physical Rehabilitation Center, RBVH Cherry Hill, RBVH Hillsborough, and RBVH Linwood. In addition to being active in the veterinary community and past president of the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. DeCarlo is a trustee for The Seeing Eye Foundation, on the advisory board for Project Animal International, and a proud volunteer for the Ronald McDonald Cancer Camp for Children and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth County.