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    To Use Unprocessed, Whole Food Ingredients, Wherever and Whenever Possible.

    What to Expect with Whole Food Diets.

    Our diets look different... as they should!

    Whole food diets will look visibly different from batch to batch and can to can because whole food ingredients are naturally variable in color and texture. Since Rayne does not add any artificial colors or harmful binders, the end product will reflect the whole food ingredients' variability. You may see differences such as lighter or darker kibbles, or possibly different sizes or shapes of kibble, which can be impacted by higher or lower densities of the formula. Canned diets may have a softer texture or be different in color.

    The Research Behind Our Whole Food Philosophy.

    Our Whole Food Philosophy is based on the data that less-processed food is lower in advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). Avoiding the accumulation of AGEs directly helps prevent chronic diseases.

    An Introduction to AGEs.

    We come into contact with Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) every day. They are naturally formed in the body and are also ingested through the foods we eat. Foods that are highly processed and cooked at high temperatures contain more AGEs.

    Over time, AGEs build up and cause inflammation and tissue destruction. This accelerates the natural aging process and may lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.Under normal circumstances, the body is equipped to eliminate AGEs, but when consumed in large quantities (such as in highly processed foods that have been cooked at high temperatures), the body's ability to eliminate them can be overwhelmed.