Skin Relief Canine Dry

Anti-Itch Dog Food

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Introducing Skin Relief dog food, formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists for dogs with sensitive skin and coat. Skin Relief offers a multitude of benefits for your furry friend that will help them live a happier, healthier life.

If you’ve been searching for dog food to help relieve itchy skin, look no further than Skin Relief. Rayne's newest diet is tailored to alleviate your pet’s inflammation and itching which could be caused by environmental allergies. This fish-based diet is a good dog food for sensitive skin and is formulated with whole foods to help alleviate clinical symptoms of atopic dermatitis, osteoarthritis and prevent obesity in dogs, too.  

Skin Relief is different from other therapeutic diets because of its combination of high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamin A, zinc, and biotin. These elements are essential in fortifying your dog's skin barrier, ensuring that it remains strong and resilient. A robust skin barrier is key in the fight against itching and discomfort.

You’ll soon discover what many vets and pet parents already know: that Skin Relief is more than just a canine anti-itch solution, it's a comprehensive approach to maintaining your dog's well-being. Give your loyal companion a lifetime of good health and comfort, starting with Skin Relief.

  • Skin Relief canine dry diet provides a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA) to reduce inflammation and relieve clinical signs in dogs with atopic dermatitis and/or osteoarthritis. High levels of protein promote the development of healthy skin and coat and maintain lean body mass. Appropriate amounts of essential fatty acids, vitamin A, zinc and biotin support skin barrier function. Inclusion of prebiotics and the addition of miscanthus grass helps to maintain gastrointestinal health and support a healthy gastrointestinal microbiome.

    Higher protein and micronutrient levels relative to energy ensures adequate nutrient delivery during calorie restriction for obesity management or for dogs that require reduced caloric intake to maintain ideal body weight.

    Supplementation with taurine and carnitine supports heart health.

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  • White fish, oat groats, millet, potato protein, white fish meal, quinoa, tapioca starch, natural flavors, blueberry fiber, pumpkin, flaxseed, brewer’s dried yeast, miscanthus grass, sunflower oil, dicalcium phosphate, coconut oil, potassium chloride, marine microalgae oil, calcium carbonate, Dl-methionine, choline chloride, minerals, fructooligosaccharide, salt, vitamins, L-carnitine, taurine, mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract.

    1. High levels of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA)

    2. Higher protein and micronutrient levels

    3. Low fat and reduced caloric density

    4. Low sodium content

    5. A blend of fiber sources, including miscanthus grass and prebiotics

    1. Atopic dermatitis

    2. Osteoarthritis

    3. Obesity management and weight loss

    4. Acute and chronic pancreatitis (patient dependent)

    5. Early stage congestive heart failure