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  • Growth Sensitive-GI Canine Dry Bag
  • Low Fat Kangaroo-MAINT Canned Paté Dog Food

    Sale of this product is prohibited in California.
    • Kangaroo-MAINT™ canine pâté contains a limited number of highly digestible, low-fat ingredients that provide a nutrient profile that is appropriate for fat-intolerant diseases and suspected adverse reactions to food.

      Inclusion of low-fat kangaroo and low-fat sweet potato results in a nutritionally complete, novel protein diet that is one of the lowest fat therapeutic diets available. Antioxidants in the sweet potato help support the immune system, while the optimal blend of fibre and inclusion of prebiotics (FOS) help maintain gastrointestinal health.

    • Kangaroo, water, dried sweet potatoes, kangaroo liver, dried potatoes, sunflower oil, agar-agar, dried celery, inulin, potassium chloride, salt, calcium carbonate, choline chloride, taurine, vitamins, minerals.
      1. Low fat
      2. Novel animal protein source (kangaroo)
      3. No animal fat, corn, or wheat (potential allergen sources)
      4. High-quality protein for lean body mass
      5. Optimal blend of fibre maintains gastrointestinal health
      6. Added prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides)
      1. Adverse reactions to food (dermatologic and gastrointestinal)
      2. Acute and chronic pancreatitis
      3. Acute gastroenteritis
      4. Protein-losing enteropathies (PLE) and lymphangiectasia
      5. Hyperlipidemia
      6. Gall bladder diseases, including mucocele
    • CLICK HERE for the detailed diet page.