Sweet Potato Dog Chews

These sweet potato dog treats are not just a delicious snack; they're a solution for healthy dogs and patients with allergies, both food and environmental. These chewy treats pair well with Rayne’s anti-itch Skin Relief canine dry diet to help prevent inflammation, redness, and discomfort in dogs with atopic dermatitis. They’re also appropriate for maintenance feeding and pet parents seeing a hypoallergenic dog treat. 

What sets Rayne's Sweet Potato Chews apart? These treats have a single, whole food ingredient and are processed less, and cooked at lower temperatures, than most dog treats. The result is a treat that actually looks like real food and, with a chewy texture, keeps your pup satisfied and occupied. 

These treats are more than a tasty reward for dogs; they are the perfect complement to a healthy, balanced diet. Sweet Potato Chews are compatible with many of Rayne’s canine dry and wet diets making them appropriate for almost any dog, whether happy and healthy or managing a chronic condition. 

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Sweet Potato